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On the way to the Green Building
Energy efficient IT Infrastructures and their Sustainability

Presenter :
Fjodor Lamm
Head of Marketing,
Nexans Advanced Networking Solutions

Anastasia Kachevskaya
Product Marketing, Nexans Advanced Networking Solutions

Tuesday 6th December 2016
Duration : 30 minutes approx

The power consumption of IT technologies goes up year by year, particularly in networking as more and more powerful and advanced systems, devices, and applications are connected to the network. They need more power for cooling and PoE functionality. Is there a way to equip a new or existing building with a high performing and efficient network, without compromising on energy efficiency and sustainability?
In this webinar we talk about Green Building and Green IT and show solutions to make large and medium-scale IT infrastructures more sustainable.
You will learn:
• if  more performance is achievable with less waste and less CO2
• if it is possible to have a state of the art network and save energy
• if FTTO networks are sustainable
• how to calculate the energy efficiency of an FTTO network?

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